Where are the workshops located?

My garage in Mercer, PA

Can I host a private workshop?

Yes, you can host with a minimum of 5 guests.  8+ guests awards you half off your project.  It is easy, just reach out and we will get it set up

Where will my private workshop be held?

Private workshops can be held at my garage or a location of your choice that you would set up and have prepared for the party.

Can I cancel my reservation?

No, unfortunatley you can not once registered and paid.  Each project is accounted for and/or personally made just for you.

What can I bring to the workshop?

You can BYOB or BYOS  (bring your own snack)

Is fundraising available?

Yes, absolutley.  My garage can hold 16 max so any number beyond that would need set up by the person organizing the event.  

I have an idea for a class

That is fantastic.   I am always open to ideas and trying new crafts. Let me know what you are thinking.