Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Concord Rock City?

Anyone who supports the music scene in and around this region is a part of "Concord Rock City". It doesn't belong to anyone.

Who is behind

Dave is now. He bought the domain out from under some dude that lost his marbles during lockdown and was radicalized by alt-right memes.

Who is Dave?

Some dude from Concord:

Did Dave come up with "Concord Rock City"?

No. "Concord Rock City" is a term that's been used for decades.

Is Dave making any money off Concord Rock City?

No. He spends money on it, believe it or not. Not much, but for something that's not generating revenue, all tiny expenses add up.

Do you have to be from Concord to have your music featured on the website?

No, but East Bay is preferred. If outside of there, you should have a strong affiliation with some of the active acts from the area and some kind of regional tie-in.

Why won't you link to websites other than BandCamp?

A lot of thought went into this. The short answer is that of the major companies working to distribute independent music, BandCamp screws the artist the least. Also, it's an East Bay company.

Why don't you have an Instagram account?

Concord Rock City lives outside of social media. The FB page that we ARE affiliated with (the "non-governmental organization") was created by some local bands just to bury the other one that was floating around and overrun with hateful propaganda.

Are you affiliated with that guy from "Concord Rock City Promotions"?

Hell no.

What's in it for you?

A centralized place online to find quality local music didn't exist prior, so that's something. Plus networking; community-building; cross-pollination, etc... It seems to make a lot of people happy.

Who designed the Concord Rock City logo?

Tom "Bass" Davis from Radiokeys. It was originally used to put on fliers for shows put on by the artists to indicate that no promotion company or promoter is involved.

Are you part of Concord Couch Concerts too?

Better said, Concord Couch Concerts is part of Concord Rock City. There's a whole FAQ about that too.

Are these really frequently asked questions?

A lot of them are, but yeah, it's getting weird, we should stop.

Do we have to?

Of course not!

So what's the deal with the radio show?

Oh you mean The Beat of Diablo? It's a whole other thing. Check it out at

Are you guys a label?

I think this was answered in the first question, but no, we aren't. It would be pretty cool to put out some Concord Rock City compilations, but most of us are too busy with other projects to figure how to get that going.