About Us

It’s been ten years since a small group of amateur musicians got together to play Big Band music in Craven Arms. Lacking quantity, but not quality, we became known as the “Little Big Band”. Now having grown to a full sized 19 piece ensemble we have changed our name to the more appropriate “Craven Arms Big Band”! The line up includes 5 sexy saxes, 3 terrific trombones, 4 trustworthy(ish) trumpets, a classy clarinet, 2 gallant guitars, 1 punchy piano, a brilliant bass and a driven drummer. As if that wasn’t enough, we even have our very own female vocalist. All kept under control by Musical Director Lesley Foster.

Some of our members come from as far away as Kerry, Knighton and Ironbridge on a Wednesday evening to Craven Arms Methodist Hall. We drink tea, eat biscuits and, most importantly, play music!

All in all we are a fun loving group of amateur musicians who take our music seriously but love to have a laugh along the way.