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Welcome to Craps Genius dot com. Are you a WINNER?  Do you play craps to WIN? -  I do. I am a WINNER and I play to WIN! The first thing I want to let you know is this, the Casino always has the advantage at Craps and it is up to you to take advantage of the moment when the table gets HOTT. If you play by my strategy you will only be off by 1/2 of one percent(when you take normal odds). That is to say your take - 49.5% Casino take - 50.5% over a million rolls. Sometimes you win sometimes the Casino wins. The object is to manage your money. Start with betting the table minimum and bet more when you win and bet less when you don't win. When the table heats up in your favor you must bet more. Increase your bets gradually. Doubling your bet each time is not a good strategy. It is difficult to win a lot if you don't increase your bets.

There are many crazy ways to win at craps. My strategy is conservative betting and waiting for the table to take off in the pass line players favor. There is a lot to craps but here are a few simple rules to follow. Remember always think like a WINNER and play with WINNERS. Always concentrate on the number you want to hit and expect it to hit. Don't rush, and when you shoot, try to hold and launch the dice with the same throw and finesse every time.  Yes, its not really possible. Never let the dealers mess with you for being too slow. Always concentrate prior to releasing the dice, and expect to roll the number you want. Focus on betting the PASSLINE and COME bets. You don't care about the other bets because they just don't matter. 

Basically, there are only two "safe" bets to make on a crap table. Bet the PASSLINE and take ODDS, and bet the COME and take ODDS. When you start winning you might want to throw a few small, very small, crazy bets such as the HARDWAYS or the ELEVEN known as the "Yo Baby Yo" bet, or some HOP - one roll bets. These bets are high risk, so don't make them very often. They are great when they hit! 

Remember always, if you can't afford the $200+ buckaroos you are starting with you shouldn't be playing. 

Now the other rule is to always start by placing a minimum bet on the PASSLINE or the COME. See how to play craps:

Here is my safe basic strategy. Before you get out of your car or enter the casino think like you are going to the casino to WIN.  Get a good nights sleep, have a good meal and don't drink heavily. You need to be high energy. You need to be around high energy people who also want to win and want you to win. Yea, there is a bit of metaphysics here and I can't explain it but crap tables and casinos have auras. You need to find the WINNING AURA and play there. If there are more than one don't bettors at the table, leave. If there are lots of freaks and stupid people asking stupid questions, leave. If you are feeling uncomfortable around the dealers or other players just leave. Just go out and find a WINNING  CRAP TABLE. I have found if there is a don't bettor at the table and the don't player looks a bit nervous and is betting kind of heavy you have a chance, otherwise it is better to find a table where everyone is betting with you. I can on occasion run don't bettors off the table. This is when I am on a hot power roll. Beware, too many don't bettors screw up the game. The worst situation are "flip-floppers." Sometimes they bet the DON'T and sometimes they bet the PASSLINE. When that guy shows up next to you, just leave. You need to be around positive folks who enjoy winning. This does not mean a bunch of screamers, it just means folks around you who like you, have a good attitude about the game, have played the game before, show comradery and like to win. More on this later.

So back to the basic strategy of craps. Place a line bet, that is to say place a bet on the PASSLINE or place a COME bet. If you are on a 5 Dollar minimum game buy in with $100 dollars. If you are on a 10 Dollar Minimum game buy in with $200 if you are on a 25 Minimum game buy in with $500. Don't play the $25 game until you win at the $5 or $10 dollar table. Don't ever run the buy in to zero and if the table goes south just bolt away and try again next time. Don't even bother to color-up your chips.

Ok - So you place your PASSLINE bet. Now if you have a decent bankroll place an ODDS bet. The ODDS bet is directly behind the PASSLINE and is not marked. This bet is not marked because over a million rolls you will be even on this bet. This is why it is always best to take odds unless you have a small bank roll and need to conserve cash. By the way if you are new at this, the dealers are required to help you - just ask them. If the dealers are not polite, just go somewhere else. There are plenty of Casinos in Vegas. So after you place your PASSLINE bet on the come out roll place another bet on the COME line. If your bet goes to a number place your ODDS in the COME area and tell the dealer "Odds on my come bet." and call out your number. Go easy with your odds until you are winning. You decide, you can take 'big' ODDS, but the object of the game is to stay in the game until it gets HOTT. That means preserving your bankroll. Now it is simple. You have two numbers. This is enough to get you started. Just wait for one of your numbers to be rolled. Bam, one of your numbers hits before a seven. Scoop it up and now and place another COME or PASSLINE bet. This time increase your bet. If that one wins increase it again. I recommend increasing your bet by 50% when you win. So if you just bet $10 your next bet should be $15 dollars. Take ODDS again once you get that bet on a number. Keep winning and increasing your bet as you win. If your number does not hit. Go back to placing two minimum bets on the table and take ODDS. If you have a really big bankroll you can take 2X 3X 4X 5X up to 100X ODDS. Beware if you plan on taking 100X ODDS you better be there with a $5000 bankroll and be ready for some serious action. Don't try it. Very few casinos will let you do this anyway. I seldom take more than 2X ODDS. Taking max odds cuts the casino's edge but it is risky, especially if you have a small bank roll. Odds are not necessary but, they cut the casino's edge and you need to cut the casino's edge as much as possible. Some casinos will let you take ODDS that are less than your PASSLINE or COME bet. Taking minimal ODDS  is a good way to 'ease' into the game. If a table is hot you always want your ODDS there and always have them working.

One other important point is never to make a place bet or 'place' a number. Just don't make place bets. Some players think placing the 6 and  8 is a good way to play, but its not. The PASSLINE and COME are the two best best to start out with. Say you walk up to a table and a POINT is already established. Be aware of what is going on and if you are new ask. Instead of "taking the line" by placing your money there put your money on COME. It is a much better wager. Never make place bets and only put your money on the PASSLINE or COME area and you will have a good chance of winning, especially on those special occasions when tables heats up in the players favor.

 Here are a couple of finer points. On the Come Out Roll after a point was just rolled sometimes you will have a COME BET with odds. Your odds will not work on the come out roll unless you tell the dealers..."my odds work!" By working your ODDS on the COME OUT ROLL this actually cuts the casino's edge and you want to cut the casino's edge whenever you can. This a strange situation at times though. There have been many a situation when I had the bases loaded, that is to say all the numbers covered with ODDS and 7 hits on the come out roll. Normally I would have a big line bet at least 2X my two biggest COME BETS though and I throw an any craps to protect my LINE BET. This situation only happens on a super hot pass line bettor table.

The only time you should have the bases loaded, that is to say, COME bets on all the numbers with ODDS, is when you are WINNING and playing with reinvested, "won money." More on this later when I describe the CASHMACHINE. The cashmachine is a rare situation when you are playing with your winnings and you are up and you keep attempting to win more. At some point you stop winning, head to the the casino cage and cash in your winnings. It is fun to be in this predicament. Do tip the dealers if they were nice.

The ANY CRAPS bet is hedging but sometimes effective. On the crap roll. Ok - it is the come out roll for the PASSLINE bet or you have just placed your money on the COME. The 2, 3, or 12 is rolled. You don't win. Next time throw an any craps bet which pays 7 to 1. This will protect your PASSLINE or COME bet on the next roll. If you have a $5 PASSLINE bet throw a $1 ANYCRAPS bet. When you place an ANYCRAPS bet you cannot loose on the next roll of the dice and it gives you a good feeling. If I get CRAPS on a roll and loose that bet I always throw an ANYCRAPS bet the next roll. Once you start winning and get up to $100 bets. Protect them with  a $15 dollar any craps bets. Ok more on this soon. Or, just check out for more fun and excitement around Vegas.

Waiver: Gambling is a risky activity and there is no guarantee that you will win.  There are many ways to win at craps if you just make the right bets at the right time. This strategy is a safe way to play craps and I usually come out a winner. It is my motto to "ALWAYS GO OUT AHEAD" even if you just win a few bucks .... you will sleep better.  If you don't win big, take a breather and try again next time.

Another important item I did not mention. Always be registered on the game with your casino players card. This will get you something just for playing. Always ask for free stuff from the host after playing. You can only win if he buys you dinner or provides a free night. 

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