The Story

It all started when Maé (my son) turned 5. I needed to find activities to fulfill his interest in exploring and experimenting because of his addiction to Lego and curiosity for everything around him. This is why I started looking deeply into complementary educative methods and tools and I found out about STEAM education, its importance in awakening the kids, and its ability to bridge the gap between traditional education and the tech world we are all living in today. I decided to dig more into this field and build an initiative around it. This is how Cranium’s idea was born.

I am a chemist and I work in the educational field. I am a university teacher and I used to develop educational program with NGOs. Building on my experience as a teacher and a scientist, I started developing the concept to pitch at a competition for Mount Lebanon Youth Entrepreneurs. I won a grant from Berytech and UNDP. This was the first big push to start real work. It was in 2016.

Today Cranium is an educational platform providing STEAM activities in a fun way by combining Science, Technology and Creativity for a unique learning experience. Our programs help kids to explore science and technology, have equitable access to it, and use technology to solve real world challenges. From learning to build a robot to coding new applications, our classes encourage kids to think critically, create solutions and innovate.

Joelle Bechara