CPMD 2019

Pushing the Boundaries of Molecular Dynamics

2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of the first CPMD Meeting, an eclectic get-together of computational scientists working in atomic-scale modelling of matter, using molecular dynamics, statistical sampling, and electronic structure methods.

The meeting will take place at EPFL, Lausanne, for three full days from July 22nd to July 24th. More than 20 leaders of the field will give invited talks presenting their research, and their vision of the direction of the field, including electronic structure approaches beyond DFT, the use of machine learning and data-centric approaches, and the use of accelerated sampling schemes to beat the time scale problem. You can find details about travel and the venue on the CECAM website.

Please see the registration page and submit your details before April 21st if you want to attend. Registration is free of charge, thanks to generous sponsorship from CECAM, Psi-k and MARVEL. We have a limited number of places so be quick!