Teaching and Learning Hub

Building and securing students’ ability to learn over time is developed around the key principles:

attention – understanding - memory

  • Students must listen attentively in a distraction free environment in order to learn.

  • Teachers need to plan highly effective explanations, questions and tasks to develop and check understanding

  • Teachers need to ensure that students are consistently required to recall previously taught content, ideally at the point at which they are likely to forget. This remembered knowledge should then be explicitly connected to new learning to develop flexible knowledge schema

Our CPD programme is therefore created to:

  1. Develop an expert knowledge of research drawn from the fields of cognitive science and education that can improve teaching & learning

  2. Support teachers with practical techniques and strategies that can be applied in a range of subjects and contexts.

  3. Ensure we are cognisant of the needs of learners and how to adapt practice to meet their needs.