Cowie Lab

A child's body is constantly changing and growing. Yet, she must learn to consistently identify this body as her own; and be able to control its movements. How is this achieved?

In our lab, we examine how children and adults use sensory information to ground the sense of bodily self, and to guide movement.

We study how visual feedback is used to help control walking and reaching; how vision and proprioception are integrated to locate the moving limb; and how correlated vision and touch signals are used to establish the sense of bodily self.

We are interested in how these processes work during everyday movements. We examine the interplay of visual feedback and forward planning during everyday walking; and how movement helps to ground the sense of bodily self.

Much of our work is done with motion capture technology, as well as virtual reality in the Psychology department at Durham University. You can find more about our projects here.

Postdoc vacancy now open! 2 years on our ESRC-funded grant the Development of Own body Representation. For more details, see here, -- and feel free to get in touch.