#COVIDSAFE21 visibility bracelets so we can all see the vaccination progress around us and feel hope

$5 suggested donation*


GET a #COVIDSAFE21 VACCINE VISIBILITY BRACELET SO WE Can all see the progress of the vaccine distribution.

Mission of the project:

If you have had your two immunizations against COVID-19 email me and get a visibility bracelet.

It's a visual way to

Spread hope that we are on our way to ending this virus

Start conversations

Be a resource for questions that others may have about the experience of getting the vaccine


$5 Suggested donation

I'm very disappointed to share that I found out that the cost of mailing anything that is not a letter is charged as a 'parcel' by USPS and is a min of $4 per bracelet. Unfortunately, it's not a cost I can keep up with on my own.

This project is self-funded. If you'd like to donate for the printing of the bracelets, stamps, and information cards, thanks.

You can donate at: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=ZQSFZNKGJNMKC


Contact sb.osum@gmail.com to get more information on the project