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DEVOTION Perinatal Mental Health and Birth-Related Trauma: Maximising Best Practice and Optimal Outcomes

Professor Antje HorschUniversity of Lausanne

Professor Antje Horsch

Prof Antje Horsch is a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Lausanne and Lausanne University Hospital (Switzerland). Prof Horsch is CA18211 Science Communication Manager

Professor Joan LalorTrinity College Dublin

Professor Joan Lalor

Prof Lalor is CA18211 Action Chair and Professor of Midwifery at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Professor Lalor coordinates the activities of the Network and can be contacted at


For CLINICIANS: Midwives, Doctors, Healthcare Professionals and Researchers

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DEVOTION CA18211 is a European Union funded inter-professional network of clinicians and researchers working with women and families in the perinatal period, summary here established to improved Perinatal Health outcomes and reduce birth related trauma under the COST Programme

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