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Innovative Cosmic Breaker Patent Revolutionizes the Home Appliance Industry

Did you know you can early detect airborne toxins... and safely ventilate them?

Most detection systems and traditional battery-operated devices check air quality every 15 minutes. Our hard-wired air monitoring technology provides constant protection for lives and property.  COSMIC is equipped with advanced technology to remedy some emergencies, and early notify emergency responders.  Additionally, COSMIC Breaker can trigger ventilation systems for increased survivability in emergency situations.  Please send all emails to our gmail account: "MyCosmicBreaker" at gmail dot com.  No links or files of any sort will be accepted.  -Text only-

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Dan Combe is a consummate inventor and a highly experienced real estate professional who has been recognized as one of the best in the industry.  With hundreds of millions in real estate transactions completed, Dan is an award-winning real estate broker who constantly studies and inspects structures of all sorts, for safety, security and efficiency.  He has been featured in Forbes magazine for three consecutive years and was recognized in 2023 by Texas Monthly Magazine as a five-star professional real estate award winner. His expertise in the real estate industry has allowed him to identify potential dangers in homes, such as carbon monoxide, which is present in 1 out of 3 homes.

Dan Combe has developed a life-saving technology that every major appliance and HVAC system should have. This solution, known as Cosmic Breaker, has been proven to work by an engineering group, and the working model is ready to be presented to you confidentially by the inventor himself. With Cosmic Breaker, the solution expands throughout the entire structure, from the garage to the utility closet, breaker panels, HVAC, and more. The patent for this technology is available for licensing, and it could be the difference between life and death for homeowners. Trust in Dan Combe and his team to help you navigate the licensing process and ensure that your appliances and HVAC systems are equipped with this life-saving technology.

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