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A small, hard-working equipment company based in Los Angeles. Established in 2014, we hit the ground running with a goal to bring reconditioned used equipment to our customers. We purchase and sell equipment and used fork trucks in California and nationwide. We also offer equipment rentals, service, and maintenance.

Location: 2275 S La Crosse Ave #210, Colton, CA 92324, USA

Directions from these locations: Stardust Homes, Jehue Middle School, HomeTown Buffet, Wal-Mart Distribution Center, A Allied Storage Containers, Holiday Inn Express Colton-Riverside North, Terrace View Elementary School, Reche Canyon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Reach Forklifts

Are you searching for a reach forklift for your business? We stock an extensive range of used forklifts to suit businesses of all sizes, including repainted and refurnished forklifts with one year battery warranties.

Ideal for warehouses, fulfillment centers and retail store rooms with tall shelving, reach-fork trucks make it safer and easier for your staff to access items stored high above the ground, all without the risks of ladders, order pickers and other equipment.

Our reach truck forklifts are suitable for any environment in which an extended reach is required, from commercial warehouses to industrial settings and more.

What Are Reach Forklifts?

Reach forklifts are designed to reach high above the ground, allowing them to access shelving and other areas that are outside the reach of a conventional forklift. For this reason, extended reach truck forklifts are typically used in warehouses and other areas with tall shelving.

Equipped with an extended mast, the forklifts have a higher maximum reach than other types of forklift. Most reach-fork trucks can extend as high as 20 feet, with certain models able to reach a height of more than 30 feet when fully extended.

This means that some of these trucks can extend as much as twice as high as most conventional sit-down forklifts. Beyond their extended reach, this type of forklifts tend to have a relatively compact design that allows them to perform well in tightly-packed warehouses and other storage areas.

Like conventional sit-down forklifts, reach truck forklifts usually have a covered seating area to protect the forklift operator from falling items and other safety hazards.

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Get A Used Order Picker Forklift from CES

Are you searching for a used order picker forklift for your business? Compact, efficient and versatile, they have a place in almost every commercial or industrial warehouse or storage-based environment.

Designed to make picking out products, pallets and other items simple, these products are an essential for any warehouse, fulfillment center or mid-sized to large retail store that offers a wide range of different items.

The smallest type there is, an order picker can be used to help drivers easily access products stored high on interior shelving. They can also be used to transport pallets around in a warehouse environment, as well as for stacking pellets on top of one another.

As a versatile, compact one, you’ll be able to spot one inside almost every busy commercial warehouse.

Looking for the right one for your business? We stock a large range of products to suit every budget and business. For more information, please continue reading below or get in touch with our team by phone or email.

What differences do they make?

Order pickers are the smallest type of commercial forklift. These are designed to fulfill individual purchases rather than full pallets. For example, it is typically used to access a single-piece or case picking, rather than to access and move an entire pallet.

Unlike most forklifts, which have a sit-down design in which the driver sits behind the lift, these allow the driver to stand on the lift area itself. This means that the operator also moves up and down with the lift, making it easy to pick out individual orders for customers.

Because of their versatile design, they can be used for a wide range of purposes. The most common uses of these include picking up small items, accessing larger items such as home furniture, carrying small boxes and even transporting multiple items at once.

These are significantly smaller than conventional sit-down forklifts, making them an ideal choice for smaller warehouses, fulfillment centers and other environments in which a larger, full-size one might not be appropriate.

The smaller dimensions also make them great for dense, tightly-packed storage areas with relatively narrow aisles.

Most of these are designed to reach a height of up to 240 inches. However, some models are capable of reaching even higher levels, with certain products capable of reaching up to 390” in height.

Coronado Equipment Sales will purchase your current forklift, in any condition in most cases. To sell your forklift please complete the form below and we will send you an offer on your forklift. Please complete the entire form and attach photos.

Forklift Parts Nationwide Delivery

We sale forklifts parts throughout the US Market !!!

When you have your forklift service and repair done by Coronado Equipment Sales, you can rest assured your forklift is in the experienced hands. We painstakingly follow manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance programs to keep your forklift running in peak shape.

Coronado Equipment Sales understand that you have made a big investment in your forklift. To make sure you get the most out of your equipment regularly scheduled forklift maintenance is critical. For more information on forklift service and repair in California please submit details in the form above or call us today!

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Do you need to buy a forklift but the budget isn’t there? Do you like the idea of forklift rentals because it means you don’t have the expenses of maintaining your own forklift fleet? Whether you want to avoid the expense of buying and maintenance, rental and maintenance from Coronado Equipment Sales is the ideal solution.

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