Anger Management

Men’s Anger Management / Domestic Violence Intervention Group

The Anger Management/Domestic Violence Intervention group runs on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

Topics include:

  • Understanding anger: creating a foundation
  • Abuse and domestic violence issues
  • Understanding our needs
  • Anger expression
  • Identifying warning signs
  • Distorted thinking styles
  • Cycle of Violence
  • Power and Control issues
  • Relational Terrorism
  • Conflict and conflict resolution skills
  • Collaborative Problem Solving Strategies

The group is open to all men who believe they may benefit from anger management/domestic violence counselling.

Those who have been charged are welcome.

To register please call Eldon Pullman at 204-663-0050

Women seeking anger management

Anger management for women is provided on an individual basis. The same material is covered as in the group sessions for men.

Men seeking anger management

For those men who cannot attend the group sessions Monday evenings, individual sessions are available.