AI-ENABLED TECHNOLOGY Protects your book TITLES and Assists in copyright enforcement!

With Enhanced Interface to the U. S. Copyright Office!

IMPORTANT: U. S. Supreme Court ruling requires you to register your copyright to enforce your rights before filing a lawsuit!

Copyrights-EXPress®... Benefits

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"Well Done, Great Job!... I Was thrilled to see the next day they created our account and submitted five applications. After that I placed bulk in the next 8 working days, they finished 530 videos registration process very smoothly and zero error. Their professional team delivered exceptional service at a great price and Hassle-free registration."

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Prakash Rohra - English Fairy Tales (YouTube)

What is Copyrights-EXPress®...

3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Work 

Your Personalized Portal Dashboard

• Tracks all copyright application status in one secure location

• Access all copyright projects from your PC or Mac
-- or your iPad, iPhone or Android device

* There is a separate filing fee of $65 which you pay directly to USCO. 

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