#Copernicus Challenge

Are you ready for a copernican revolution?

A simple idea:

recognize educators that are student-centered and

help those willing to make the change, while

freeing ready-to-use lesson plans.

#CopernicusChallenge is a project that aims to go viral and change the way teachers approach their work.

Talking about student-centered methodologies in 2017 might not seem innovative, but many teachers still need a push to make the change. This project helps them in 3 ways:

  1. Provides a fun challenge: plan one lesson with the student as a center, get feedback and win a badge.
  2. Connects experienced mentors with teachers willing to change education.
  3. Provides a searchable database of ready-to-implement student-centered lesson plans.

This project is 100% without cost and will remain like that forever.

This project was founded by Samuel Landete with the invaluable collaboration of Gabriel Muñoz. It is maintained with the help of the #Copernicus Mentors and it is part of the Google Certified Innovator program.