Latest Podcast Episodes

Banned Books with Erin Erin Sameck of the Redacted Readers Club

Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

Hope everyone enjoys this podcast episode. We touch on really important aspects of banning books for children in the country and the importance of literature in our country.

Mental Health of Elders with Elder Law Partner Laura Brancato

Hope everyone is enjoying our mental health  conversations we had. We have an exceptional guest Laura Brancato to talk to us about the challenges that elders face in our country and the hardships of financial, mental, and physical concerns. Hope you enjoy! 

Mental Health Conversations with Colleen Merlo

We are ending Mental Health Awareness Month with Colleen talking about mental health. We talked about mental health care access, the stigma around mental health, and the impact adults and teenagers go through.  Make sure to click the link on our website for mental health resources.

The Difference Between Being Focused On Student Outcomes vs Adult Inputs

We are joined with AJ Crabill, a former Kansas City school board chair and Texas Education Agency Deputy Commissioner to talk about effective and ineffective school boards and how students, parents, teachers, and communties impact a school board! 

Click this link to check out more information about AJ's podcast! 

Immigration in Our Country: An Interview from and Immigrant's Perspective

This special episode features Esther's dad and his story of coming to the United States.

Immigration in Our Country: Interview with Emrah Artukmac

This is the first episode of our mini-series about immigration within the United States. Emrah Artukmac, an immigration lawyer speaks about his perspective as a first generation Turkish American who works with immigrants.

Representation of Women in the STEM Field with STEM to Flower

We join with some of the officers from STEM to Flower, a youth-led group combatting gender inequality in the STEM fields. Get to know Senuki, Linsey and Anchita and their stories!

Period Equality In Our Country

In this interview, we are joined by Reagan Moss from PERIOD to talk about periods and menstruation inequities in our country.

Self Care and Skincare

Want to know what skin care really means and its impact through generations? Check out this interview Heather François, founder of Madame François Skincare to find out more!

Daymaker x Conversation For Change

We interview Sean Marz from Daymaker to share more information about how to donate this holiday season!

Women's Bill of Rights

In this special episode, we come together with Alana Chan, Lyndsey Fox, and Krista Igoe to discuss the common theme of inequalities women face through different walks of life.

Women's Rights Around The World

Saba Mehrzad, founder of iFeminist and the Iranian American Youth Group joins us to talk about the world's impact on Mahsa Amini's death.


This episode features Tara Brancato, a NYC public school teacher, historian and facilitator of the Antiracism Project.

Overturn of Roe vs. Wade, Women's Rights Taken Away

Jessica Yao (founder of Reduce the Stigma) and Sage Gladstone (founder of The Change Project) join our conversation and share their thoughts in this episode.

Body Image Talk: Interview with Fatema Jivanjee-Shakir

This interview is with an eating disorder therapist who discusses body image and what we can do to help. Her insights/perspective on this topic helps understand more about the struggles of body image

Body Image Through Generations

We dive into the body image aspect through generations and we the personal aspects, including what we can do to help

Mental Health During Covid

The pandemic has been hard on everyone and this episode will talk deeper about the struggles students and adults go through

School Shootings & Changes We Can Make In Our Schools

This highlights gun violence and the impact of the school shootings. It is a deep topic but shares our voices and what we can do to help.

Inequalities in the Justice System

This episode will cover the trials of Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery. It also features the changes needed to make in the justice system.

How Music Artists and Their Portrayal On Social Media Impacts Us

Rapper Travis Scott, had a festival leading to a tragedy. The episode digs deeper into how artists put display themselves on the internet.

Sexism In Sports

This episode talks about how athletes experience sexism. Mia Kay is featured in this episode.

Sexism in the Media

We talk about the uncomfortable portrayal of women in the news, movies, and tv shows. 

Sexism in School and Workforce

This episode continues the topic of sexism. Stories are shared about what it's like being a woman in school and the workforce.


Want to know what sexism is? Do you want to learn how it applies through different perspectives? If so, this podcast is for you!