Stages Tab

  • Shuffle Stage Order - Shuffles the order in which stages are played. Complete all 8 stages to trigger the credits.
  • Hide Stage Name - Stage name and number is hidden on the loading screen so you don't know which is coming next.
  • Shuffle Stage Music - Scrambles which level music is played during each stage.
  • Shuffle Stage 2 and 4 Enemy Cycles - The generated enemy cycles from Base 1 and 2 will be shuffled across the different rooms.
  • Start at a random Loop count - When you beat the game, a loop counter increases which increases some enemy and boss HP and rate of generation of some enemies. Higher the loop, higher the difficulty.
  • Shuffle Stage Sections - Each stage in made up of different screens, or sections. Checking these options will shuffle those screens around to create a new stage layout.

Weapon/Enemy Tab

  • Randomize Weapon Drops - Randomizes which weapon you get from Weapon Boxes and Zeppelins. Currently does not support the weapon drops from enemies in Stages 2 and 4.
  • Keep Weapon on Death - Upon death, there is will be a 50% chance that you will keep your weapon upgrade.
  • Timer on Barrier - The length of the barrier weapon will be anywhere between +-50%
  • Plating on Cores - Uncovered cores in Base 1 and 2 will have a a 50/50 chance to be covered with plating.
  • Enemy HP - HP of normal enemies will be +- 50%, unless they normally only have 1 hp, then it will be 1 or 2 hp.
  • Boss HP - Boss HP and other enemies in the room will have their HP shuffled using the same formula as above.

Misc Tab

  • Shuffle Konami Code - Shuffles the Konami Code. Will use the same 10 button inputs, just in a different order. Good Luck!
  • Music while paused - When you press pause, the background music will continue to play.
  • Starting Lives - Change the amount of lives you start the game with.
  • Player 1 Color - Select a color for Player 1.
  • Display Stage - Select how "Stage" will be displayed on the loading screens.
  • Display Lives - Select how "Rest" will be displayed on the loading screens.

More features being added. Any suggestions on new features, please visit the discord. Contra Randomizer Discord