Marvel Contest Of Champions Guide - Get unlimited Units

Captain America, Hulk, Iron man, Spiderman!! Do these names remind of your something? Well, if yes then I am sure that you are a fan of the Marvel series, the greatest battle that has enticed everyone into its storyline. By now, with the above lines, you may have got an idea about what we will talk. Today we'll discuss the most exciting games of the marvel series-the Marvel Contest of Champions.

The game is all about the characters of the marvel world and the battle between the good and the evil. Therefore, if you are interested in saving the world along with your favourite superhero characters, then you should give the game a try for once. Make sure to use the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats to get an unlimited amount of funds.

So, let me have the privilege to introduce the essential elements of the game.


If you are wondering about what the main aim of the entire game is then let me tell you. Here in the Marvel Contest of Champions, the main goal is to build your team of Marvel superheroes and then fighting against all the evil characters along with your team. So, all in all, you require saving the world from evil powers.

Classes of superheroes

If you also read the comic and action novels, then you might know that there is a particular origin point for a superhero such as space, water, fire, etc. Based on these origin points, the superheroes are categorized into various classes. There is a total of 25 marvel series characters in the game; let's see what different classes that they are sorted into:

· Cosmic

· Mystic

· Skill

· Tech

· Science

· Mutant

These are six classes of superheroes that are there in the game. So, do you want to know what these classes reflect and why are these important? First of all, talking about its importance then the characters get specific bonuses from the particular classes they belong to. The bonus is referred to as a class bonus. You can upgrade the characters by spending the funds to purchase unique powers and abilities. However, if you are running out of funds then don’t worry and go for the Marvel Contest of Champions hack to get the funds in generous amount.

These are some of the elements that you should keep in mind and play the game accordingly. Get ready to save the world from getting in the grasp of evil powers?