Tree Semantics

The Context Field

How a simple construct evolved into a notation for complex structures

The construct. Free Nodes. Nodes, one by one, positioned on a free position in the Grid


Wie heeft de hond gebeten?
"Whom has the dog bitten?"

A simple Context field, displaying  a sentence tree in blue, and its multiple Forms ('Interfaces','Gedaantes'), one-dimensional projections on the outside.

All elements and processes will be discussed. Just follow the menu,

The Construct

Free Cell Processing, one by one

Here we go!

First, discover the Matrix Tree, a free cell stucture notation


The Free Cell notation creates space for projecting multiple typecasts:

Introducing Projection causes the Matrix Tree to evolve into a field:

A Graph Field is an object consisting of a private Matrix Structure and public Projections.

The field gave birth to to a linguistic application (use case):

A Context Field is a Graph Field where the structue is a language structure (by default, a Tree), and where the projections are functional Profiles, 

Note the speculative feature: