Instructions for installing CONN, including both Matlab- and standalone- releases

Cluster/HPC configuration

Instructions for configuring CONN parallelization options in distributed clusters or High Performance Computing environments


CONN toolbox documentation, including the latest CONN release manual as well as detailed documentation for creating batch scripts

Source code

CONN source code (nightly development version, visit this link instead for downloading and installing CONN standard release)

CONN-users forum (NITRC)

Users are encouraged to post any questions about CONN, bug reports, or feature requests, to the NITRC CONN forum, where they will be often answered / addressed by other users or members of the CONN team directly.

In addition, directly from the CONN gui, users may select Help.Search to easily search through a pre-compiled database of user questions/answers (with over 5,000 records/posts to date)

Visit the conn toolbox public forum for any questions about CONN