The Mission

No one owes a writer their time or attention. A novel must stand out from the crowd and it's the author's job to help their work cut through the noise, with both high-quality marketing and entertaining stories.

Publishing Credits

"Christian suspense thriller readers will cheer for the Firstborn and for this new voice on the scene." ~PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Fun, fast, and furious storytelling” ~New York Times bestselling author Eric Wilson

Conlan is the author of two traditionally published novels, both in the religious fiction market.

  • The Firstborn

  • The Overseer

Conlan has since left the religious fiction market and now seeks a place in mainstream science fiction and fantasy.

The Brand

Adventure. Danger. Mayhem.

Action and danger beat at the heart of everything I craft. I don’t have much patience for boring books, so why should you? Assassins, explosives, perilous drops, desperate chases, crackling gunfire, and swashbuckling duels aren’t just for special occasions, they belong in every single chapter.

All seen through the eyes of distinct, vibrant characters who view the world through their own wildly different perspectives. Characters who experience the full breadth of genuine human connection, vulnerability, and growth along the way.


Currently seeking representation...

“Don’t worry, Mr. Khan. Everything is going to be fine...”
She’d said it with such confidence.
“Everything is not fine!” Conrad Khan shouts over the booming thunder, flipping switches and fighting the plane’s controls.

Conlan Brown is currently seeking representation for The Primal Continent, an alternate-world pulp adventure novel in the tradition of Indiana Jones, King Kong, and the Mummy.

The Primal Continent is an adult speculative fiction novel, complete at 95,000 words.


Author Bio

Conlan Brown (he/him) lives on the Colorado Front Range with his B-Movie-watching wife and their cat, Egon. He enjoys tabletop roleplaying games, indulging his information addiction, and being a raging extrovert.

Conlan holds three degrees, including a Master of Arts in Communication.

He currently makes a living as a technical writer, where he practices the art of writing on command, working collaboratively, and meeting deadlines.