Bet Dovid is a Modern Orthodox shul located in Caldwell, NJ. We began in 2015 as the first Vegan shul in the United States. We believe that optimum physical and spiritual health are necessary for a vibrant and dynamic relationship with G-d.

Our shul focuses upon the spirituality generated by Torah study and Tefilah\prayer. We combine the best aspects of shul: intensive prayer, joyous singing and full acceptance and non-judgement of one another.

The Torah is expertly read and paced to everyone's liking, enabling all to easily comprehend.

The Caldwell community is special and Bet Dovid's members are the most select from within the community. Kindness, compassion and healing warmth flow from their hearts.

Bet Dovid was founded and is led by Rabbi Donn Gross . We are debt free and charge no dues. We provide a full range of life-cycle services and Torah classes.

Kiddushes at Bet Dovid are 100% plant based and are seen as a great opportunity to experience and learn how beautiful, nutritious and delicious a plant based diet can be. Kiddush sponsorship is very reasonable.

Some members of Bet Dovid are Vegan and some are not.

Bet Dovid is a spiritual playground and a safe environment for spiritual seekers. One may find themselves swaying a bit more or singing more intensely or perhaps even shedding a tear..and this is what we are about!

Bet Dovid is a friendly place where you can take your Jewish experience to the next level.

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