Computer Assurance, Inc

Computer Assurance, Inc. (CAI) is a professional consulting firm providing telecommunications, computing and internet consulting services to ensure our clients receive the most cost-effective solution for their business needs. We are the premier, independent telecommuni-cations consultant in Hawaii. We represent 66 years of telecommunications experience in hardware and software systems, including the manufacturing, design, engineering, sales, implementation and operations of telephone and data systems and networks. CAI maintains teaming relationships with professionals in specific disciplines to meet assessed and unusual circumstances.

Our Telephone experience range from VoIP, PBX’s, ACD’s, key systems, UPS, to multi-line public central office switching systems; Voice Over IP, analogy and digital wireline, fiber optic, radio, and microwave transport networks.

Our Data and Information Technology experience include Local Area Network (LAN) design and implementation, Wide Area Network (WAN) networking and network security, and Electronic Business strategy and operations.