CANDLE: Computer Architecture and Machine Learning Lab

Welcome to the webpage of Computer Architecture aND machine LEarning (CANDLE) research lab at CSE, IIT Hyderabad!

We work on the intersection of many interesting areas, e.g., autonomous driving vehicles, computer architecture, processor architectures for machine learning, neural network accelerators, VLSI, high-performance computing, approximate computing, etc.

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  • PhD positions are available in the area of ‘autonomous driving vehicles’ for Dec 2018 round of admissions. Apply here once the application portal becomes open from second week of October 2018.
  • 2018/10: Survey paper on FPGA-based accelerators for CNNs accepted in NCAA. It got covered by InsideHPC website.
  • 2018/09: Survey paper on DRAM reliability accepted in Elsevier JSA. It got covered by StorageSearch website.
  • 2018/09: Paper on ramifications of making DNNs compact is accepted in VLSID 2019.
  • 2018/08: Received funding from Semiconductor research corporation (SRC) for research on autonomous driving vehicles.
  • 2018/06: Happy to host Mr. Sanjeev from Swaayatt Robots for a talk on "self-driving technology in India".
  • 2018/05: Irfan is selected for summer internship in Japan under Sakura Science Plan. Congratulations to Irfan!
  • 2018/05: Survey paper on GPU security techniques is accepted in HASS. Our article on GPU security is covered in HPCWire.
  • 2018/05: Survey paper on branch predictor is highlighted on Survey paper on ReRAM-based NN architectures is highlighted on
  • 2018/04: Survey paper on branch predictor and survey paper on memristor (ReRAM)-based PIM and neural network architectures accepted.
  • 2018/04: We have an MTech (RA) position for Aug 2018 round of admission. Apply here.
  • 2018/02: Survey paper on security-techniques for non-volatile memory is accepted in Springer HASS 2018.
  • 2017/11: We have PhD position and MTech (RA) position for Dec 2017 round of admission. The PhD position is the prestigious "Intel PhD Fellowship". Deadline for application has passed.
  • 2017/10: Dr Sparsh's proposal for recruiting student on Intel PhD Fellowship 2018 is approved
  • 2017/10: Dr Sparsh gives seminar on "Improving Clarity in Paper-Writing". See the video recording here (3 minute onwards).
  • 2017/04: Dr Sparsh receives ECR grant from SERB.
  • 2017/01: We have formed CANDLE research lab. Stay tuned.