Community Arts Depot

Community Arts Depot addresses the critical need for artwork storage and access focused on Skid Row neighborhood members and residents. We see adequate and equitable accessibility of an artwork storage as an inseparable part of the fundamental human right of accessibility of arts and culture, essential to both individual and collective arts and cultural work everywhere.

We are excited to announce our new home is at Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC). We are very grateful for our partnership with JACCC and Sustainable Little Tokyo, which makes this use of this space possible!!! A special thank you to Scott and Alma, without whom the collaboration with JACCC and SLT would not be possible.

The new place allows us to be very close to the Skid Row neighborhood, picking up and dropping off artwork to the storage space at regular times (currently 2-3 times a month).

Community Arts Depot’s mission also makes storage of collaborative artwork possible, one highlight being the works from previous Festivals for All Skid Row Artists (2009 to present). At this year’s Festival, on Oct 29 and 30, it was incredible to be able to display these large pieces.

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"Flood" by Ramiro Puentes (Top Left), "Untitled" by Linda Leigh (Botton left) "Woman at a Crossroads" by Edwin A. Rivera (Right)


If you live in the Skid Row Neighborhood and are in need of storing your artwork please contact us.

If you would like to support the project by donating please see below.

Community Arts Depot aligns itself with grassroots groups and initiatives that center community control, social justice, a critical pushback on racial capitalism, and focus on advocating for dignified universal access to all basic human needs (housing, food, education, community spaces, as well as arts and culture).

Breakdown of costs for one year:

Rent: $200/mo x 12 = $4,200

Shelving and storage tools, transportation, miscellaneous costs for 12 months = $800