C.U.P. is a student-led project composed of Lowcountry students joining in good community works. Our mission is to empower the less fortunate individuals living on our streets by providing them with basic necessities such as food, shelter, and opportunity. We will accomplish our goal through a variety of different initiatives, each of which  working with local charities and nonprofits around Charleston.

C.U.P Initiatives

Feed 100 for Under 100

Hunger is a dire issue amoung the homeless population of the lowcountry. This initiative seeks to provide quality meals for those in need while minimazing costs.

Change of Season Clothing Drive

As the seasons change so do the  necessities to survive. What we take for granted, homeless people struggle to find: a change of clothes. This initiative seeks to provide the homeless of our city with clothes that suit the change of seasons. 


  Arts Outreach

Many homeless people  lack access to artistic education and resources. This initiative seeks to expand access to creative expression for those with a passion for the arts that are currently unable to pursue it.


STEM education is a vital part of the American education system, yet there are many who never got the chance to be exposed to STEM or were never given the opportunity to pursue their passion for it. This initiative seeks to bring STEM education to those in need.


 Kids Outreach

Our goal is to help uplift children who come from less fortunate backgrounds through services and resources such as tutoring, clothing, and toys.

Investing In Athletics

Athletics play a vital role in maintaining physical and mental health. Unfortunately, many people lack access to resources to play certain sports or pursue various athletic outlets. This initiative seeks to provide these resources to those in need

Clean The Streets

The streets of North Charleston where most of the homeless population resides are littered with trash. This initiative will seek to clean up the streets and make North Charleston as a whole more sanitary.