Communications in NLA

2pm CEST fortnightly on Mondays

Communications in NLA (CommNLA) is a online seminar dedicated to promoting the work of early-career researchers in Numerical Linear Algebra.

The primary goal of CommNLA is to give early-career researchers much-needed exposure, which has diminished due to widespread conference cancellations and the COVID-19 pandemic. The first few years of an academic career are crucial for gaining recognition and building connections, and we hope that CommNLA can bridge the gap during these volatile times, as well as serve as a supportive community for budding researchers. We especially encourage participation from researchers for whom accessing traditional conferences and seminars is difficult.

Talks and discussion sessions will be broadcast fortnightly via Zoom and YouTube on Mondays at 2pm CEST, starting up again sometime in February 2021. See the schedule for details and past talks, and subscribe to the YouTube channel!

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For more plenary-style talks about NLA, please check out the excellent series E-NLA, organized by our friends and mentors.

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