Commander Coder

Quick introduction

I do a lot of work with computers.  Mostly games, but more recently teaching about them. As the years go by, I remember those old microcomputers which enthralled me and I want to understand them more directly.  For me, it's not good enough knowing this stuff theoretically.

A combination of 'jsbeeb' and 'jsatom'.  These are javascript emulators of 80's microcomputers that will run in your browser.

This BBC Micro emulator which has been with us since the mid 1990s is beginning to creak with the introduction of new hardware on the Apple Mac.

With Catalina (macOS 10.15), the most recent version of BeebEm on stardot that worked on the Apple Mac (last updates into 2017) stopped working.  

It was in 2020 (the year of Coronavirus) I started work on a new version of BeebEm for Mac that builds and runs on Catalina.  It can also work on earlier versions of macOS too.   With this, it should be possible to keep BeebEm working for a little bit longer as we move into 64-bit architectures and the switch to ARM M1 processors on Apple Macs.   I've created a version for Mac which works on Apple Silicon (and Intel too).

Do you know the cost of living?


My professional career started with making video games for Codemasters.  The first one released was Jonah Lomu Rugby; developed externally by Rage Software. The next was Colin McRae Rally; developed internally by Codemasters.