The Basics

Quickly tap the colour combination to build up your score within the 30 second timer.

Enter the correct combo and increase your score and multiplier, while gaining some extra time.

Entering the wrong combo results in your multiplier being reset and your time being reduced by 1 second.

Buttons change place each time you play.

Key Features

  • 4 Difficulties
    • Easy (Tap between 2 Buttons).
    • Medium (Tap between 3 Buttons).
    • Hard (Tap between 4 Buttons).
    • Remixed (Tap between 4 Buttons, but the Buttons change placement per new combo).
  • 6 Buttons Designs To Collect
    • Complete Par Time to unlock new Button types.
    • Purchase the Premium Pack to unlock an exclusive Button.
  • Top 10 Online Leaderboards
    • Compare and improve your speed against the very best in the world.
  • A single purchasable item
    • Removes ads.
    • Unlocks an exclusive in-game Button type as a bonus.

Terms Of Use

Using this application has restrictions in accordance with copyright and fair use.

The user has the right to play the game as set by the developer of which the application and any in-app contents are authorised for distribution only by the original developer on the Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.

Any other sources of distribution, copying of application contents, and application manipulation not done through official means by the developer are prohibited and may lead to investigations through Google, Apple and/or Law Enforcement.

Users can freely record and stream gameplay at will. The developer will take no royalties of any gameplay video content made.

Privacy Policy

Combo Tapper does not store or share with third party organisations any personal information, but does store some data purely for Online Leaderboards to be displayed publicly.

In order for Highscores to be saved via the online server, the following data is stored when you get a Top 10 Score when completing your game online:

    • In-game Username
    • PlayerID
    • Scores

Again, at no point is data collected for any other means including third party organisations.

Any data shared between the player and the access of the game are controlled through Google and Apple in accordance to their respective Terms of Use and Store Policies.

In-App Purchase

Combo Tapper only has 1 In-App Purchase.

This will give you the following:

    • No Ads.
    • Unlocks a bonus in-game Button design.
    • Showing your support to the developer.

Refund Policy

All payments are final and there are no refunds for any purchases made unless of good reason that the Developer or Store Company (Apple/Google) feels is an acceptable cause for refund.

Please Note:

    • In-App Purchases may not activate straight away. You may need to restart the Application in order for the purchase to activate correctly (but should be instant give or take a minute for the Store to work it out).
    • If a purchase is made on one device, and you choose to use another; it can take up to 24 hours for Apple/Google Servers to fully acknowledge the purchase on your account, and allow it to be used anywhere with your account on other devices.


If you have any enquiries, you can contact via the following:

In most cases, replies should be within 48 hours.