What is coloradoattorneygeneral.com?

It's a Domain Name that's available for lease/rent on a very sustainable monthly subcription model for up to 14 months. Click to See the Model

After that you can either go with the Lease to Own Option or Purchase the Domain at a more easeful manner.

What's DAN.com?

DAN.com it's the leading marketplace for selling, buying and renting domain names in Europe (They are from the Netherlands). It's fast and it's secure.

What Happens after I Acquire the Rental?

It's simple, i'll host the domain and do all the Technical Setup and Installation so it's redirecting properly wherever you want me to redirect it. Can be A website, a unique page on the website, can be a specific profile.

Wherever you choose to have this domain Redirected i will redirect All it's traffic to the desired destination.

Another Big Plus, is that this domain has Age this means that it will help boost or increase the SEO of the website it's been redirected. So if you begin to see your website getting some extra rankings. Well this is the reason why. BTW this also means that you'll get more traffic from Search Engines like Google

About the Domain Metrics

They are for Real and this domain does presents an exciting & huge opportunity to anyone who is offering legal services in Colorado.

i have 7+ Years in experience in Digital Marketing so you are at Good Hands and quite recently started with this system which provides high value to my Customers upfront and helps us both establish a solid partnership and the potential for enhancing even further ROI with Digital Marketing.

I do offer other Services in Digital Marketing like Reputation Marketing and Google My Business Optimization among other services. This is key as it allows my Customers to get started FAST, SECURELY and access to HIGH ROI MARGINS, thanks to the benefits and unique methodology used through all my portfolio of services.

One thing to notice about this domain, remember that the term is for General Attorneys in Colorado, so it's highly recommended to have a way to attend customers from Denver and any other City in Colorado, either via phone or online (skype or zoom). Just a Sidenote, cause this would really help you make the most out of all the traffic this domain is receiving.

How long does it take to have the Installation Done?

After the rental it's been confirmed for the rights of usage. It usually takes between 24hr to 48hrs.

After installation is completed, you should begin to see an additional incoming traffic through any Analytics Software you are using, like Google Analytics.

At any case i will also provide with an Additional Tracker in form of an <img> tag and it's safe to use cause it's HTML5 markup - something similar to pixel trackers, and this will help provide and additional logger from all traffic.

The type of code from that tracker it's simple html, so it's completely safe to use, it's main objective is to record the traffic that your website is receiving and that will also include the traffic that's coming through your newly acquired Domain Name.

What's Included with this Service?

It's included:

  • The Domain Name Traffic. It will be redirected to any URL or Website you want.

  • Custom Tracker from the Domain Name. To keep track or a logger of all the incoming traffic through the domain

  • Another Custom Tracker in form of an <img> tag. This is for the client to use in his/her website, should the customer may want to install it. I can help configure this additional tracker too as well.

  • Access to me and my Portfolio of Digital Marketing Services at a Beta Pricing.