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Formed by John LeDrew, Jon Bielecki and Kellen Sorauf, the Colorado Cutthroats were established in 2011 and played their inaugural season in 2012. They are based in Denver, CO and compete in the National Adult Baseball Association.

The team takes its name from Colorado's state fish, the Cutthroat Trout.

In their inaugural season, the Cutthroats didn't fair too well. They finished with a record of 6-11-1, good enough to only beat one team in the standings. They competed in the newly formed 25WA division.

In 2013, the team competed in the 25WA division again and went 6-12. They added their gray Colorado away jerseys.

In 2014, the team competed in 25WA division and went 10-7-1 in the regular season. They made their first postseason appearance as the 4th seed out of the American League. They defeated the top seeded Dirtbags 15-3 to advance to the American League Championship. They would lose that game to the Denver Chill 8-7.

In 2015, the team competed in the 25WA division and went 13-4 in the regular season. They advanced to the postseason for the second straight year as the 2nd seed in the American League. They beat the Dirtbags 13-3 in the first round and then won the American League Championship 24-7 over the Hitmen. They would lose the 25 Wood Championship 11-9 against the Bad News Bears.

In 2016, the team competed in the 25WA division and went 15-3 in the regular season. They had the number one seed heading into the playoffs. They beat the fourth seeded Dirtbags 10-0 to advance to their second consecutive championship. They would fall in to the Snappers 2-1 to get second place.

In 2017, the Cutthroats moved up to the 25W AA division. They played competitively and ended the year at 10-8-1 to take 5th place in the standings. They would just miss out of the playoffs to snap their three year playoff streak.

In 2018, the 25W AA division dissolved so the Cutthroats went back down to 25WA. They finished the regular season at 9-6-1 to qualify for the playoffs as the second seed in the American League. They would lose to the 3rd ranked Colorado Expos 6-5 in the first round.

In 2019, the Cutthroats are competing in the 25W AA division.

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