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About Us

The College Connections Center (CCC) is operated by The Missouri College Advising Corps (MCAC) in the Kansas City Metro Area and was specifically designed to offer FREE assistance to college-bound students. The CCC has been a great help to those who may otherwise have fallen victim to "summer melt", the phenomenon that up to 40% of students who are college-bound upon high school graduation do not actually enroll in college in fall. Since the inception of the CCC in 2014, we have helped hundreds of students achieve their collegiate goals for FREE!

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What is MCAC?

Missouri College Advising Corps, or MCAC, is a college-advising access program. They partner with Missouri high schools around the state and place a recent college graduate into those schools to serve as the college adviser. MCAC started the CCC in 2014 and continues to operate and sponsor the CCC today! Check out their website by clicking the button below!


If it weren't for the College Connections Center, what would you have done to get the help you needed for college?

"I would have paid out of pocket for my college and I really cant do that."

"It would taken me forever just to get my FAFSA completed."

"Quit , because its very stressful and I did not know what the FASFA was wanting me to do due to the fact that my parents FASFA was not working ."

"Probably forgot all about even trying to get a higher education."