Colleen Moore Project

Landing Page

Welcome to the landing page for the Colleen Moore Project. After a long absence caused by my provider making it impossible to connect the URL to a new version of the old site I was prompted to make, I have created this landing page to direct you on to the newest version of the Project's website. Please click here to (hopefully) continue on to the newest version. It may be a free Wix page with ads, but it will get the job done. If you are a long-time fan returning, welcome back! If you are researching Colleen for the first time, please feel free to explore. The site is comprehensive, but not complete. At this moment less complete than usual, as I only started it last night. It's a template I just started overwriting with new content. There is more information about Colleen in archives then you will find here when the site is complete, and more of it is becoming available online all the time. I encourage you to search and add it to what is known about Colleen. I'm looking forward to somebody writing the next book or creating the next website about Colleen, and building upon what is here, and in my book, Colleen Moore: A Biography of the Silent Film Star.