About the artist

My artwork is reconstructive. Here is why. In our society, we are constantly accumulating things: ticket stubs, books, wrappers, to-do lists, broken hearts, bitter resentments, fond memories, fears. Some of these a direct result of choices we make and others inherited or gifted to us. They clutter our pockets, bags, trash-cans, relationships, hearts, minds and psyche. I re-purpose all my accumulations to my artwork. Get it out of the dump and onto the nation’s walls! In the process, maybe I uncover a deeper sense of humanity, or at the very least myself. Expect to see loaded visual musings which represent the complexity of both my experiences and the world around me.

Some people say I am an outsider. I have been practicing art continually since I was a small child. Art for me is a mechanism to bring a small joys to others, a way to express myself, and to heal and comfort. My art is a world to explore concepts and qualities of human reality which are intractable to science. Alongside being an artist, I am an associate professor of physics. My scientific research spans nano-electronic networks to the human visual system. I enjoy complex systems and understanding the nature of things.

I have shown my work in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo, CA.

My artwork is for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in any pieces and follow my Instagram (@cmarbuck) for updates on pieces I currently am working on.


Musings from 2007-2012: http://whatdoiwanttodotoday.blogspot.com/

Greeting cards from pre-2013: http://recreatedcards.blogspot.com/