SESSION 1 | Chair: Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp (Horniman Museum)

09.10-09.30 Jeremiah Garsh, (University of Cambridge), ‘Repatriation’ as ‘(re)insertion’: A quest to return something new

09.30-09.50 Ali Bennett (Paul Mellon Centre), Ugandan Collections and Collectors: From colonization to decolonization

09.50-10.10 Eyob Derillo (British Library), Restitution or Decolonisation: The Maqdala Manuscripts as a case study

10.10-10.20 Q&A

SESSION 2 | Chair: David M. Anderson (University of Warwick)

10.20-10.40 Zoe Cormack (Oxford University), Frontier markets in African objects: Collecting during colonial violence and civil wars in South Sudan

10.40-11.00 Rachel Jennings (Powell-Cotton Museum), Hunting for science and profit: The ‘Merfield collection’ and its Cameroonian collectors

11.00-11.20 Dorothea Reule (University of Hamburg), The Juel-Jensen Collection of Ethiopic manuscripts in the Bodleian Library: A comparative view

11.20-11.30 Q&A

11. 30-11.50 | COFFEE BREAK

SESSION 3 | Chair: Mai Musie (Bodleian Library)

11.50-12.10 Jacopo Gnisci (University of Oxford), Imaging and collecting nineteenth-century Ethiopia

12.10-12.30 Chris Wingfield (University of East Anglia), Unicorn Hunting? Ontologies and collecting in early nineteenth century South Africa

12.30-12.50 David M. Anderson (University of Warwick), Imperial loot: British military expeditions in Africa, c.1864-1884

12.50-13.00 Q&A

13.00-13.50 | LUNCH BREAK


SESSION 4 | Chair: Jacopo Gnisci (University of Oxford)

13.50-14.10 Famoye Abiodun Daniels (Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria), K.C. Murray: A changing trend in the European collection of Nigerian arts, 1928-1960

14.10-14.30 Judith Opoku-Boateng (Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana), Tapping history to rebuild the future: J. H. Kwabena Nketia and the making of a postcolonial archive

14.30-14.40 Q&A

SESSION 5 | Chair: Shadreck Chirikure (University of Cape Town)

14.40-15.00 Lisa Bernasek (University of Winchester), Change or continuity? Tuareg material culture at the Horniman Museum

15.00-15.20 Heba Abd ed Gawad and Alice Stevenson (UCL), Collecting Egypt: Centring Egyptian communities within legacies of British archaeology

15.20-15.30 Q&A

15.30-15.50 | COFFEE BREAK

SESSION 6 | Chair: David Pratten (University of Oxford)

15.50-16.10 JoAnn McGregor (University of Sussex), Re-narrating a missionary’s curios: Decolonizing dialogues in Botswana and Brighton

16.10-16.30 Dan Gordon (Great North Museum), Abel’s Africa: Decolonising the Chapman Collection

16.30-16.50 J.C. Nyala (University of Oxford), ‘Not what you think they are’: Reconstructing history with African collections

16.50-17.00 Q&A

17.00-17.30 | CLOSING REMARKS: Dan Hicks (Pitt Rivers) & Shadreck Chirikure (University of Cape Town)