Coincheck Exchange: The Easiest Way to Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

A detailed guide to the Japanese Exchange – Coincheck

What is cryptocurrency? Well, being a part of the crypto-dominated world, we think it is safe to say that we don’t have to ask this question anymore. Every adult in the world is somehow aware that digital currencies exist and a large portion of the world’s population has been showing a lot of interest in it.

Not just that, we think that with the Internet today, even teenagers know what cryptocurrencies are. But the quick spread of crypto would never have been possible if the world could not have crypto exchanges all over the blockchain networks. And today, we thoroughly discussed and decided to introduce you to one of the exclusive exchange platforms that have been acquiring recognition- the Coincheck Exchange.

It is a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that allows each transaction to be made in Yen (the Japanese currency) and is considered to be one of the largest exchange services in all of Asia. There was a time when this platform generated the most Bitcoin trade transactions in Japan and certainly made a difference.

For your feasibility, we think you should know that this exchange also offers Android and iOS versions of mobile applications and although it originated in Japan, its reach is international. Read on to know the pros and cons of the service just after we tell you a few more service specifics, which would then be followed by the registration procedure for acquiring an account on the exchange platform service.

Let us take you through the Coincheck exchange specifics

We think there are a few entailed facts that can help you know the exchange better and compel you to become a part of this exclusively ideated and launched platform service. The first thing to know is that it has a license for operating only in Japan as one of the national digital currencies exchange.

Next, we think that the fact about Coincheck being audited by the official Japan Blockchain Association must hold some significance in building the exchange’s reputation. Then the most important - there is a payment system that the platform offers merchants to accept crypto payments, and then receive the converted amount in Yen (¥). There can be more but, you’d have to explore them at

Wondering what are the upsides and downfalls of the service?

Here, this part of the read has been successfully crafted to help you understand the upsides and the downfalls (pros & cons) of the Coincheck service so that you can get a clear insight into the experience you have if you decide on becoming a part of the exchange:

Pro-list for Coincheck

  • Easy usability with a non-complicated interface

  • Supports transactions with JPY and USD

  • Provides a trading period that is totally free

  • Offers users with supported wallet apps

  • Accepts payments made with credit cards

Con-list for Coincheck

  • Customer support services aren’t chat or phone call-based

  • Complex verification steps for international account holders

Register on Coincheck and sign in as and when needed

This part of the read has been prepared with easy steps that will help you first, create your Coincheck user account and then sign in if and when you require it:

  1. Register for an account by filling out the sign-up form with email and other details.

  2. Submit the form to receive an email from the Coincheck and click on the website link attached to the email.

  3. Ensure getting your phone number verified along with proof of your identity.

  4. Now, you can move on to depositing Yen and purchase (or send) Bitcoin tokens with it.

Note: If you get logged out someday from your account, you should initiate getting the access back by visiting, and submitting the asked credentials to complete your Coincheck login.


Finally, we’ve completed the information ride and it is time to take you to your destination- deciding whether you want to become a member of the Coincheck Exchange or not. And that was only possible by sharing exclusive details on the exchange, inclusive of the list of its pros and cons, data on the crypto platform, and the registration procedure. Trust us, now that you’ve read it all, you are ready to have the journey of a lifetime and it would be totally worth it. Read through the exclusive data piece and understand the Coincheck Exchange with ultimate precision – learn the pros and cons, registration process and more.