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Types of Single Cup Coffee Brewers - Why Keurig Brewers Are the Best

If a single cup coffee maker only allows you to make a cup of coffee, then what's the big deal about single cup brewers? Are they really any different than other regular coffee makers? The bottom line is that these new machines deliver the ultimate cup of perfect coffee to you every single time it is made.

Making a cup of coffee is no gargantuan task, but the claim to make a perfect cup of coffee is a tall order, and any unforeseen challenges to this task can't be seen off with ease. Here are three main types of single cup coffee brewers, which you should know of

Keurig K-Cup Brewers - K-Cups are specially designed cups, which used to be earlier designed by Timothy's World Coffee, and now by Green Mountain, post its acquisition of the Timothy's World brand. You can choose from five different types of Keurig Brewers depending on the choice of features.

Pod brewers - Probably, the most conventional way of preparing java was by brewing coffee in pods. Thus, the pod brewers cater to probably one of the oldest method of coffee making. A lot of pod brewers are available in the market, some of which you could easily locate in leading shopping sites.

Tassimo Brewers - The Tassimo Brewers, having two popular names, the Braun and the Bosch Tassimo, are known to take in T-Discs. This just offers a slightly different, yet a customized way of making coffee for people

Why are these brewers so important to the coffee making process? Which one is better than the rest? It is, after all the brewer that make the coffee. Keurig in our opinion is the new standard making the best coffee out of the bunch. The ability to set the exact temperature of the water to bring out the most flavor.

The perfect blend of premium ingredients sealed fresh in a k-cup up until the cup is brewed. And finally a price point that makes these brewers affordable. All of these aspects are required to make the best brewer. It is the Keurig single cup coffee brewer that allows you to get that coveted perfect cup of coffee, tailored to your needs completely.

So then next question, why have one cup when I can have a whole pot? See - that's the point. You don't always need a pot, do you? There could be times when making a cup of coffee is all that you want. If you made an entire pot, most of it would be wasted. What if you want a strong cup of coffee and your wife wants a decaf or tea. That's where these single cup brewers come in so handy. A perfect single cup made just the way you want it, every single time.

It could be fair Coffee Brewer Blog Reviews in commenting that single cup coffee brewers work best only for gourmet coffee lovers and do cost a bit more. But once you understand the way these brewers work, and how wonderfully convenient it is to have that perfect cup of coffee, you won't complain!