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Recent Advances in Coding Theory

Update: video for the event is now available here: (There are six videos in the playlist for the six sessions; see the talk schedule below to see which talk is in which session). Slides are available by clicking on the talk titles below. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for a fantastic workshop!

Error-correcting codes are a method for a redundant representation of data, that enables one to recover the original data even in the presence of some noise or corruption. The interplay between the theory of error-correcting codes and the theory of computation has been prominent and long-standing. On the one hand, methods and techniques from the theory of computation were used for the design of error-correcting codes admitting efficient encoding and decoding algorithms, while in the reverse direction, such codes are useful for a variety of applications within the theory of computation, most notably in complexity theory and cryptography.

Now is an exciting time in coding theory, with several recent breakthroughs. These include efficiently encodable and decodable codes very close to the Gilbert-Varshamov bound, the discovery of locally testable codes with constant rate, distance, and locality, and showing that Reed-Muller codes achieve capacity on the binary symmetric channel.

This workshop will include tutorials as well as research talks at the frontiers of coding theory, with the goal of exposing the theoretical computer science community to recent breakthroughs, and enhancing further interaction. Everyone is welcome!!

When/Where: The workshop will take place at STOC 2022 / TheoryFest in Rome, Italy, from 9am to 12:15pm, June 22-24. (Schedule below). Room information to be posted closer to the conference.

Registration: Please register through the STOC website.

Organizers: Noga Ron-Zewi (University of Haifa) and Mary Wootters (Stanford University)

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Irit Dinur (Weizmann Institute of Science)

  • Swastik Kopparty (University of Toronto)

  • Alex Lubotzky (Hebrew University)

  • Jonathan Mosheiff (CMU / Ben-Gurion University)

  • Henry Pfister (Duke)

  • Shubhangi Saraf (University of Toronto)

  • Madhu Sudan (Harvard University)

  • Amnon Ta-Shma (Tel Aviv University)

  • Madhur Tulsiani (Toyota Technologoical Institute at Chicago)

Schedule: see below.

Hope to see you in Rome!

Schedule (click on the talk title to view the abstract & Slides; video is here):


If it's useful, here's a Google calendar with the schedule (thanks to Madhu for making this!)