Yes, it's spelled Courtet! It's a New Orleans reference - the King and his Court. We love New Orleans! It's not wrong - just different. It's still four.

The Courtet is four. Because if there were three it would be a trio. And if there were five it would be a quintet. Generally speaking, we add drums and bass. Ah, but there are alternatives. Want guitar - we can do that and add a more modern flair to your event. Would you rather have a second horn, we can do that to. It's up to you to decide. We will cater to your desires! We always use the absolute best musicians. Because otherwise it's no fun! And these are incredible musicians - the absolute best of the best!

Cocuzzi Courtet with Steve Pikal

Cocuzzi-Coots Courtet with Steve Pikal

Cocuzzi, Coots, and Williams

Cocuzzi Courtet with Darrell Fernandez