CoCreate The Divine is a one woman show! 

Created by artist Gayle Jung, partly as a knowledge sharing/creative expression/personal interest project.

On 3 major interests, Art, Spirituality & Modern day advances.

The interests may seem different, but they are the creations that manifest from the human soul. It is the commonality and the greatest form of expression from the Divine within us all.

The Divine created humans and humans create this world in the many facets that we live in today.

The good and bad, the multitude of beliefs systems, cultures, tech and art. 

All come together to CoCreate the world we live in and shape our minds, hearts and souls.

This platform, magazine, is the voice and vision of one person, who wishes to reach out to others and unite us in the beautiful tapestry of humanity, to connect us to our highest self and ultimately find our place with the Divine.

There is no one belief system here, we will explore it all together!

All faiths, religions, belief systems etc...are invited.

Take what aligns with you and respect what does not.

~ Blessings

Tip jar!

Feel free to help support the growth of CoCreate The Divine!

Donations will go towards sourcing writers, images, and new platforms for an amazing viewing experience!

Also supplying Gayle with some needed energy!