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Cocoa Tribune

Obituaries and Death Reports

1917 - 1966

Cocoa, Florida

Compiled by Jim and Bonnie Garmon

Revised November 2006

Cocoa Tribune Death Index, Cocoa, Brevard County, Florida

March 1917 to April 1966

This index was created from the microfilm images of the Cocoa Tribune

newspaper, first published March 22, 1917. Almost all issues of this newspaper are

available on microfilm. This index includes all reports of death from the first publication

until April 1966, when obituaries for the area were transferred to a sister newspaper, the

Florida Today.

The Tribune, and probably most other small newspapers of the time, did not have

an obituary section dedicated to reporting deaths; instead they were printed on page 1 or

2 or were used to fill in wherever space allowed. This obviously made the transcription

more difficult, since we had to scan each pages of each issue looking for reports of

deaths. For that reason, we cannot guarantee that all deaths reported in the newspaper are

included in this index.

To err is human, it is said. Your transcribers, along with the writers and editors of

the Tribune are not exempt from this rule. Mistakes in transcription are, we hope, rare,

but possible. While compiling this index, we found obvious mistakes in the newspaper.

We made no attempt to correct these errors, but entered what we saw.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the original obituary or report, write to:

Central Brevard Library and Reference Center

Attn: Documents/Genealogy Dept.

308 Forrest Ave.

Cocoa, FL 32922


E-mail: with the full name, date of publication and page number.


Call 321-633-1794

Index created by Jim and Bonnie Garmon

Copyright Jim and Bonnie Garmon, 2004/2005, Revised November 2006