From structure repairs to under deck plumbing replacement Coastline Pools is your problem solver. Coastline Pool Service is a Broward County factory warranty station for Hayward pool products and Autopilot salt chlorinators. We sell and service all major brands and provide the best warranty support on the products we install.

Automation by Hayward, Jandy, and Pentair are no problem for Coastline Pools. We install and service basic automation systems and high end systems.

We install the same quality A.O. Smith pool motors that most major pool equipment manufacturers use and give you a full year labor warranty on top of the manufacturer’s 1 year parts warranty. We can offer this kind of support because we use the top-quality carbon seal systems and original “O” rings to protect your new motor. No generics and no short cuts. The only manufacturer exception on warranty coverage is water damage.


One of the most common calls we get is people wondering if their pool is actually leaking. We have two simple tests that you can choose to do to answer that question. Here is how you can make certain you have a pool leak that needs attention.

Leak test #1

Swimming pool evaporation & leak test

  1. Bring pool water to a normal middle tile level.

  2. Fill a bucket with pool water to about one inch from the top.

  3. Place the bucket on the top step of the pool.

  4. Mark the water level inside the bucket.

  5. Shut off pump and mark the outside of the bucket with a marker or duct tape.

  6. Resume normal pool operation.

  7. After 24 hours compare the two water levels.

  8. If the pool water (outside mark) goes down more than inside water level there is probably a leak.

  9. In case of rain repeat the test.

  10. Test invalid after 24 hours.

**normal evaporation for screened in pools is 1/8” of an inch per day.

Normal evaporation for outside unscreened pools is ¼” per day, or 1 ½”- 2” per week.

Leak test #2

  1. Bring the pool to a normal middle of the tile level.

  2. Shut off pump.

  3. Mark the pool tile at the pool water level with duct tape.

  4. Resume normal pool operation.

  5. Check your mark in exactly 24 hours using a straight edged ruler to measure from the bottom of your tape mark to the water level.

  6. Test is invalid after 24 hours.

**normal evaporation for screened in pools is 1/8” of an inch per day.

Normal evaporation for outside unscreened pools is ¼” per day, or 1 ½”- 2” per week.

Our pool leak detection and repair service is second to none. We have been using the state of the art electronic leak detection equipment longer than most others have been in business and our leak detection warranty is far superior to our competitors. While our competitors only offer a 30 day leak detection warranty our policy is as follows: If Coastline Pools finds and repairs a structural leak in your pool we will return and recheck the area that was repaired for 90 days if you are certain the pool is leaking again. To avoid nuisance calls on pools outside of 30 days that are not leaking the homeowner agrees to pay an $89 service call if no leak is present. Outside of the initial 90 day period a leak detection contract must be signed, but we will go right to any prior epoxy repair areas first thus saving you any unnecessary detection fee if the leak is found in those areas that leaked in the past. Underdeck plumbing repairs are warrantied for 1 full year.