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Physics Class (2,4 period) information

Class overview

In this class, we will study the relation between force, mass, and acceleration, newtons laws, vectors, and many other basic concepts in the world of physics.

Physics Syllabus

Please use the link below to access the syllabus.

About me

I grew up mostly in Markham, but did my fair share of moving throughout my life. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a B.S. in Biomedical Science. I am currently one of the football, basketball, and baseball coaches.

Principles of Applied Engineering/ robotics (3rd period) information

Google Class Code: zhszrvv

Google meet session time: 9:46-10:34 Wednesday

Google meet link:

Practice in manufacturing/ robotics (6-7 period) information

Google class code: fqsstdv

Google meet session time: 12:58-1:46 Wednesday

Google meet link:

Junior high robotics (1st period) information

Google class code: tgimsny

Google meet session time: 8:00-8:40 Wednesday

Google meet link:

robotics information


  • Jr High: Jamieson Engelhardt, Fabian Vega

  • High School: Logan Baylor, Lawrence Arnold, Dillon Long

Meet Information:

  • Due to the current situation dealing with COVID, there are currently no planned meets at this point. However, we are preparing to compete through remote competition.