Welcome To Class

I am the primary leader of the classroom but all of us are teachers and learners. One of my roles as the teacher is to set an example of being an eager learner. I love learning from you and about you. The classroom--both virtual and physical--should be a safe place for each of us to engage the curriculum and one another. I pledge to accept you just the way you are and to work hard on helping you be the person and student you want to be. I look forward to all that we will learn together in the semester ahead.


-Coach Laney


  1. Be PROACTIVE. (Follow instructions the first time.)

  2. Be PREPARED. (Have materials ready to work when class begins.)

  3. Be PRESENT. (Participation is more than simply showing up.)

  4. Be PERSISTENT. (Ask questions and take initiative daily.)

I do not GIVE grades. You EARN your grade. Your grade is made up of ASSESSMENTS (75%) and ASSIGNMENTS (25%). One of your regular assignment is a weekly PARTICIPATION grade which is assessed on your ability to uphold the expectations above.