Our Team


Arie Bialostozky

Chairman & Front Office Coordinator

Once Arie heard word that Coach C's Walk was in plans to be retired, he stepped up, and took on a seven month haul, himself along with the ASB team Jake and Samaya, worked side by side for months, covering everything from organization to being in constant communication with many of our frontline sponsors. Arie maintained liaison work with the TPASB President as well as outside advisors and Torrey Pines Foundation.

Jake Noble

Co Chairman & Back Office Coordinator

As soon as Arie spoke to Jake in regards to the walk being retired, Jake, after a 16 week gauntlet playing football for Torrey Pines, took up the task with him. Jake handled all AV, developed this website, and designed the logo, as well as came up with the name, 'Coach C's Walk Against Cancer' and created the hashtag #OneLastWalk. Jake's excited for next year as he'll be taking on the task of fully coordinating the walk next year!

Emily Roshan

TP Relay For Life President

ASB partnered up with Emily and her club to join them with logistical operations. Emily took on the task of gathering food donations, gift cards/certificates for the raffle. We are appreciative of her help, and the RFL club for organizing and manning the food table the morning of the walk.

Samaya Patel

Logistics Coordinator

Samaya came on the team a few weeks in, the team needed someone who had amazing creative writing skills, and could balance Jake and Arie's crazy ideas. She worked on developing spreadsheets and other organizational tactics pre-walk, as well as taking on the task of organizing the quad the morning of.

Jake W

Support Young Athletes Chairman

Jake served as the Chair of SYA in 2016 and 2017 and as Vice Chair in 2018, he is the current chair in 2019. Jake and the entire SYA team have dedicated hours to raising money for Nick Herrmann, and supporting TPASB with financial organization. SYA came on board late notice, but stepped up extraordinarily and we are thankful for their participation and willing efforts!

Lindy Byrne

ASB President

President of ASB, Lindy, also a seinor at Torrey Pines, commited herself to lending a hand in communication with Nick Herrmann, and dedicating ASB students for logistical operations on the morning of the walk! Her ability to process day to day requests was answered positively every day by Jake and Arie.