Collaborate with other positive, open-minded educators looking to share and create unique learning opportunities for their students through:

  • Monthly Virtual Sharing Sessions via Google Meet

  • Twitter Chat using #CNYTeacherCollaborative

  • Live in person Learning Tours of Schools around CNY

  • Summer Professional Development and Coaching

How to Join: Simply fill out the form on this page and you are in. It is that easy. It is free to join and though the resource is intended for classroom teachers to share best practices, administrators and community partners are welcome to show their support by being part of the action. Launched Spring '22!

Monthly Meetings: Virtual sharing sessions will be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month via Google Meet. These will take place at "the end of the school day" at a time to be determined by members in our pre-meeting correspondence. View current meeting schedule. Launched Summer '22!

Twitter Chat: Members are encouraged to share snapshots of what is happening their classrooms and direct them to @CNYTeacher. This is a great way to inspire others in the group, offer resources and build a sense of community. Don't have a Twitter account? Create one here. Launched Summer '22!

Learning Tours: Visit other schools around the region to see their educational models in action and go back to your school with a wider perspective. Pine Grove Middle School at East Syracuse - Minoa is currently able to host half-day visits. Partner schools should soon follow. View Learning Tour Inquiry. Launched Spring '22!

Collaborative Learning Expedition Workshops Join us at Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse, NY for a Spartan STEM Camp Learning Tour with a half day workshop this summer. Offerings include: Flexible Scheduling, Transdisciplinary STEM-PBL and SEL/Targeted Intervention. (Details)

Professional Development: The Integration Specialists associated with the CNY Teacher Collaborative have years of experience providing professional development and instructional coaching in the area of transdisciplinary STEM based PBL. Since they are all active classroom teachers, they are only available for hire outside of the traditional school day and when school is not in session.

For more information contact Jason Fahy at