CNS*2019 Interneuron diversity and function Workshop

Aims and topics

Inhibitory interneurons exhibit much more variability than excitatory neurons in terms of morphology, electrophysiology, and connectivity. Advanced experimental techniques, such as optogenetics, have allowed to better classify neuronal activity by neuron type providing new insight into cortical dynamics.

Early models of neuronal networks relied on the presence of a homogeneous inhibitory population, but these models cannot account for many novel experimental observations. Updated circuit models that include interneuron heterogeneity expose the potential roles of different interneuron types.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of recent developments in the field focusing on functional approaches to interneuron modeling.


Luis Garcia del Molino, Capital Fund Management / New York University,

Jorge Jaramillo, New York University,

Jorge F. Mejias, University of Amsterdam,


Tuesday 16th Morning session

9h30 - Katharina Wilmes (Imperial College London)

Interneuron circuits for guiding local plasticity based on top-down signals.

10h00 - Mario Dipoppa (Columbia University)

Mean-field model of a cortical microcircuit in mouse V1.

10h30 - Hanna Bos (University of Pittsburg)

Arousal unlocks interneuron heterogeneity in olfactory codes.

11h00 - Coffee Break

11h30 - Conrado Bosman (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Pre-stimulus arousal states modulate stimulus’ evoked pupil responses and neural dynamics in awake ferrets.

12h00 - Stefan Mihalas (Allen Institute)

Exploring the role of inhibitory cell types in artificial neural networks using matrix factorization.

12h30 - Horacio Rotstein (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Post-inhibitory rebound interacts with preventing or deleting mechanisms to generate theta spiking resonance in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells.

Wednesday 17th Afternoon session

15h00 - Angus Chadwick (University College London)

Data driven modelling of excitatory-inhibitory cortical dynamics.

15h30 - Shirin Dora (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Training recurrent neural networks with inhibitory neurons in multisensory integration tasks.

16h00 - Boris Gutkin (Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris)

Cholinergic modulation of hierarchal inhibitory circuitry in the prefrtonal cortex controls resting state activity.

16h30 - Coffee Break

17h00 - Luis Garcia del Molino (New York University)

Paradoxical response reversal of top-down modulation in cortical circuits with three interneuron types.

17h30 - Jorge Jaramillo (New York University)

Engagement of the thalamic reticular nucleus in decision confidence computations.