Becoming a Student Leader

College is known for it's campus life, the opportunity to explore new things, and meet new people. At CNC, we are proud to say that creating a positive student experience is one of our goals. This would not be possible without members like you who are interested in putting in the work to make attending CNC a better experience for everyone.

Our organization was founded on the back of students wanting things to be better. This is why we are always proud to recruit new students to join one of our two student leadership programs. We currently offer our Volunteers Program, which gives students the opportunity to work publicly at one of our events or campaigns. We also are proud to announce our Members-at-Large Program - a students' first step into a leadership role. Members-at-Large are students who are assigned a role within our organization to use their voice and their talents for the betterment of students. These are both volunteer positions, but we intend on making it worthwhile for our members with rewards such as letters of reference and the opportunities for valuable experiences you wouldn't otherwise have at CNC!

Become a Volunteer

Student Volunteers are a crucial part of our plans going into events and campaigns throughout the year. Becoming a student volunteer means that you want to help improve the college and create an atmosphere that people will remember after they are done.

Whether it's being a food server at events, or tabling for one of out important campaigns, you are sure to be active in the student community.

Depending on the amount of hours put into volunteering with us, you may be eligible for swag, letters of reference and more rewards for using your time to help students' at CNC.

Apply to be a Member-at-Large

Becoming a Member-at-Large is an opportunity to make change at the college and improve student life across campus. You will gain professional experience and hone your skills working alongside the College of New Caledonia Students' Union on committees, project development and implementation of these plans throughout your time at the college.

This position is a voluntary position, intended on giving students the opportunity for growth and the ability to use their voice and skills for change.

Students' accepted into the Members-at-Large program should expect up to 2-5 hours per week depending on the projects being done, time of year and level of involvement that you are looking for!