I am currently a professor of mathematics at Western New England University, a comprehensive university in western Massachusetts.  For more general biographical information, including links to my curriculum vitae and faculty profile page, see my About page.

I teach courses in the undergraduate and graduate (MAMT) mathematics programs at Western New England University.  I am also the director for the PROMYS for Teachers summer program at Boston University.  For more information on what I have done in these programs and in previous jobs, see my Teaching page.

My mathematical research lately has been focused on numerical semigroups. I have also done work in the areas of algebraic geometry, number theory, and coding theory.  For more on this, see my Research page.

ATTENTION STUDENTS!  Are you an undergraduate mathematics student, or are you thinking about becoming one?  Almost done and trying to figure out what’s next?  I have put together a webpage with some resources about careers in math, information about graduate school, research opportunities, and so on.  Check out the Resources page.

In addition to mathematics, I love to travel.  (It’s especially great when I can combine the two!)  There are some photos from recent trips on my Photos page.

Want to get in touch?  Check out my Contact page.