Western New England University

I am currently an associate professor of mathematics at Western New England University, where I have been since 2008. A full list of courses I have taught in our undergraduate and graduate (Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers) programs are available on my WNE faculty profile page.

I have advised 6 senior capstone projects:

  • “Elliptic curves and their applications,” 2011-12.
  • “Geometric constructions, origami, and Galois theory,” 2012-13.
  • “An investigation of a bound on the rank of elliptic curves,” 2013-14.
  • "From coding to coloring," 2014-15.
  • "Using number theory to produce nice problems," 2016-17.
  • "Lattice geometry and sums of squares with other applications" 2016-17.

PROMYS for Teachers

I am currently the Director of the PROMYS for Teachers program at Boston University. PROMYS (“Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists”) is an intensive six-week program in number theory for talented high school students. PROMYS for Teachers is a program for high school and middle school teachers that runs in parallel.

Bates College

I was a visiting assistant professor of mathematics at Bates College, where I taught the following undergraduate courses from 2005-2008:

  • Math 105 - Calculus I
  • Math 106 - Calculus II
  • Math 205 - Linear Algebra
  • Math s21 - Introduction to Abstraction
  • Math 365 - Number Theory Math 395 - Senior Seminar on Elliptic Curves

I advised a senior honors thesis: “An Exploration of Elliptic Curve Cryptography,” 2006-07.